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Speed test before playing an HE game?

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Speed test before playing an HE game? Empty Speed test before playing an HE game?

Post by J2xp. Mon Apr 01, 2013 12:33 am

Not sure if this should be in troubleshooting or not. In the manual for Spy Fox 2 (and maybe other HE games) there is a quote saying "Important Notice: If necessary, a video and CD-ROM drive speed test may be performed the first time you run SPY Fox 2: Some Assembly Required. This test takes three to five minutes and requires no input from you. Your hard drive will not be altered in any way." Not exactly sure what this means, when I first put Spy Fox 2 in my computer (at least recently) no such thing happened, the game just played like normal. Does anyone know what this is or have you had this "test" performed when playing an HE game?

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Speed test before playing an HE game? Empty Re: Speed test before playing an HE game?

Post by Onfy Mon Apr 01, 2013 10:40 am

It tests your video hardware for drawing performance and CD-ROM drive for read performance, as really old hardware had trouble keeping up with HE's games. Or really any games. Obviously modern computers are well above what the game needs, and the test runs so fast that you don't even notice it.

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