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The Magic School Bus Games

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The Magic School Bus Games Empty The Magic School Bus Games

Post by AaronReturn2005 Wed Aug 15, 2018 2:53 am

Have anyone heard of or played these games? I recall at school we had a CD folder with demos of many of the games HOLY GASCAN! PLUS a full copy of TMSC Explores the World of Animals Freddi: Cheering , plus I played TMSC Explores in the Age of Dinosaurs on my nanny’s PC once (but it was a library copy which is why I played it literally once Freddi: O_O ), but I haven’t heard anything about it from you guys. Sam: Thinking

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The Magic School Bus Games Empty Re: The Magic School Bus Games

Post by OdieFreddi Thu Jan 10, 2019 5:12 pm

The Magic School Bus games I've played are:
1. Explores the Ocean Freddi: Happy (made me love the ocean)
2. Explores the Rainforest (made me love the rainforest)
3. Explores Inside the Earth (cool activities like the Geo Table)
4. Explores the World of Animals (again, cool activities)
5. Explores the World of Bugs (has a catchy song)
6. Explores the Solar System (has funny stuff and cool experiments)

The only ones I haven't gotten to play yet (because I don't have them yet) are Explores the Human Body and Explores in the Age of Dinosaurs, and while Animals and Bugs had different graphics and were released in 2000, they were still as fun to play as the rest.

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