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Post by CEO100able Tue Apr 16, 2013 3:33 pm

There is an awesome video game company that was launched in 1998 which released their games onto computers made by HP, COMPAQ, Dell, Acer and more called "WildTangent." They made some great games like Speedway, Virtual Warfare, SabreWing 2, Space Rocks, the BlasterBall series, and more. This is one of my favorite non-HE companies. When I had my HP Pavilion 710 CTO PC back in 2002, I used to play WildTangent Speedway. By the time I first used it, I was browsing the "More Programs" menu; I noticed that the PC of the same name had their games on it by default. Some of the classic games were originally released on the Web Driver software, but later re-released for the GameChannel software in 2002. Nowadays, they don't support the Web Driver software anymore. Since 2004, they distributed some cool games made by other companies and released them on their GameChannel software. They do this with the modern games on HP computers as of today. You will find more information about this company here:


I have my walkthroughs of the classic games on my YouTube channel. You can find them here:


Has anyone played them before?

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