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"Unique" HE Memories

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Post by AaronReturn2005 Fri Aug 23, 2019 6:23 pm

From MrEightThreeOne's Twitter, March 27 2015:
So, a little story I thought I'd tell...this may take quite a few tweets...
Before I went to Kindergarten, I went to a school that served a level between it and preschool, called Transitional Kindergarten (T-K)...
They always had a game running on the class computer, like Jumpstart Kindergarten and I Spy School Days...
At one point they ran Blue's ABC Time Activities. Most of you probably know Humongous made those games...
Well, somehow someone actually found the demo section. It soon became more popular than the actual game.
I believe the demos were Putt Zoo, Big Thinkers K, PJS2, FF3, and Backyard Baseball.
I remember nobody was able to figure out Pajama Sam 2, and I was all proud that I knew the solution. It was a glorious moment.
Okay no, it was Putt Time and not Putt Zoo. But I also felt proud when I solved that one for them too.
For some reason everyone seemed to like Big Thinkers the most. Guess it's because it's the only one you can't "win".
I have to wonder why my teacher never took action against us playing the demos. Guess she saw we were having fun and let us have at it.
The main reason I felt obligated to tell you that was Big Thinkers being on my mind, and that story is usually the first thing I think of.


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