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Hidden "undo" command in Pajama Sam 2 and Spy Fox 1

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Hidden "undo" command in Pajama Sam 2 and Spy Fox 1 Empty Hidden "undo" command in Pajama Sam 2 and Spy Fox 1

Post by J2xp. Mon Aug 30, 2021 9:53 pm

I tweeted about this a few months ago, but since I'm back on here, may as well share with more community members.

Basically, this year, someone discovered that if you hold shift+comma in either Pajama Sam 2, or Spy Fox 1, the game will send you to the previous room you were in. There is no need to enable debug, it works by default in ScummVM, and the original engines. Try it for yourselves. It can lead to some interesting results, like being able to get back to the entrance of World Wide Weather, or glitch into the Humongous title screen. I made a video demonstrating this strange feature.
What its purpose was far isn't clear, and no one knows why it only works in these two specific games.

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