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Spy Fox: Hold the Mustard Retail Releases

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Spy Fox: Hold the Mustard Retail Releases Empty Spy Fox: Hold the Mustard Retail Releases

Post by 5potatoes Fri Sep 25, 2020 1:23 pm

Does anyone happen to have any information about the various retail releases for Hold the Mustard?

I really want to know if there was a stand alone box release of Hold the Mustard in the same style as the other Junior Arcade games.

The only things that I have seen personally are:

1. A jewel case only retail release of the game (which is how I originally played it)
2. A combined budget bundle release with Spy Fox Dry Cereal
3. The Super Duper Arcade 2 compilation

It is my understanding that the arcade compilation disc is the first release of the game at retail. However I have no real evidence for this aside from random release dates I have seen on various wikis.

Does anyone know if it was released in a violet skinny big box? Without it the rainbow arcade boxes are incomplete!


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