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How to tell which SPY Fox 1 you are getting...

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How to tell which SPY Fox 1 you are getting... Empty How to tell which SPY Fox 1 you are getting...

Post by MrEightThreeOne Mon Oct 24, 2011 6:34 pm

If you're trying to buy SPY Fox, there's something you need to be warned about; in 2001, the British dub of the game somehow made it over to the states. Not everyone knows how to ensure they're getting the US version. I'll try and tell you how to know for sure you're getting the US version and not the UK version.
First: USE EBAY FOR THIS. Product descriptions on Amazon are vague and give little details, so you won't know for sure. EBay has pictures, and that will be the easiest way to tell.

The first thing you want to do is check the artwork. The American artwork has him with his waist above the title. The UK version has him standing to the side of the title, aligned with his stomach, along with wavy text. Make sure they didn't just pull a random picture from the web; try and see if they scanned it. You'll see the difference easily. The box is this way too.

If they don't have a picture of the box, then check and see if they have the CD. The only UK CD I know exists is one that uses the background of the box art. American iterations I know of are a green tinted CD with him next to the clock (The initial release), SPY Fox next to the piranha pool, and several others. I've also seen one of him in the 2007 style, with cell shading on him. If it has the Junior Adventure logo printed on it, that should be a dead giveaway.

You may also be able to tell if it's the American version if the seller gives away some release details - if he says 2001, it's the Birtish version. If he says 2007 or 2002, it's the American version. Don't go for it if he says 1997 though, because he may just be talking about when it was first released. You could also try for the Wii version, but I wouldn't recommend it. These are just some things to keep in mind when looking for it.

How to tell which SPY Fox 1 you are getting... Mreto12

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