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Illbleed: The clickpoints are out to kill you

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Illbleed: The clickpoints are out to kill you Empty Illbleed: The clickpoints are out to kill you

Post by FallDownBear Thu Apr 03, 2014 10:57 pm

I think this Dreamcast game has a lot to offer to Humongous fans who can handle the excessive blood and gore (and some nudity). It's really a shame that the director and main creative force behind the game, Shinya Nishigaki, passed away not long after its release. (My username is a very obscure reference to Illbleed.)

Strange, illogical environments, memorable characters full of charm and witty dialogue, lots of little animations sprinkled all over every area (except this time you're trying to avoid them, since they will maim or kill you), and a quaint, childlike atmosphere in spite of the horror trappings. It also contains the greatest parody of Toy Story EVER. There's even a minigame that has nothing to do with the main game, like Humongous often used to include.

The game is filled with so many unexpected twists and turns, clever bait-and-switches, and so much bizarre content that it must be played to be believed. You'll need to play through it a second time to reach the true final boss and ending, which is one of the greatest reversals in gaming history.

If you own a Dreamcast or can emulate it, track this game down ASAP.


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