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Illegal sound error?

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Illegal sound error? Empty Illegal sound error?

Post by Windows TV Mon Mar 10, 2014 7:32 pm

Are you having an Illegal sound error? Putt: Confused
Well here are some solutions and why this error may be happening.

Reasons of error.
1. you may be using an incorrect HE4 or HE2 (HE2 stores Dialogue (HE4 Stores Music)).
2. Your HE4 or HE2 may have got corrupted.
3. the HE4 or HE2 may have been edited by a third party group.
4. (which will never happen) Humongous sold it like that.

1. Buy a new copy of your game.
2. Download your game off the web and discard any unneeded files.
3. Ask for a replacement by one of the HE Fans here (probably need proof of your version).
4. Load the HE4 or HE2 in HEX and try to match audio data back to its address.
5. Don't worry about it.
Windows TV
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