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When you were new to computer stuff

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When you were new to computer stuff Empty When you were new to computer stuff

Post by Retrodude Sat Jun 01, 2013 2:54 pm

C'mon, admit it, we all had some noobish experiences with computers at one time or another. This is where to post weird things you thought or did before you were experienced with computers or programs on computers.
I've been using computers since I was 1, so it's hard to remember any truly noobish things I've done, but when I first started experimenting with ScummVM, I was trying to set the midi audio device in the *Windows* versions of the Humonous classics, as well as Freddi Fish 1. This was mostly due to the fact that the music sounded synthesized to me already. Which is understandable in the Humongous classics, but where I got the idea that Freddi 1 used midi I will never know.

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When you were new to computer stuff Empty Re: When you were new to computer stuff

Post by MrEightThreeOne Sat Jun 01, 2013 6:10 pm

Here's some of the things I've done:
* My 486 (the first computer I ever owned) had both types of floppy drives on it. At one point I got curious to see what it was like to put one in...but I actually put a 3.5 inch floppy into my 5.25 inch floppy drive!
* I once was messing with a CD, and was impressed with how far back it was bending. That quickly turned around when I broke it in half.
* Doesn't quite have much to do with computing, but when I was really young I had a terrible sense of organization, and usually when I was done with a CD I would swap it with another one, but instead of looking for its case I just put it in the one I was swapping (so, if I was playing Freddi Fish and then swapped it with Tonka, I would put Freddi Fish in Tonka's case!). It eventually got so bad that I couldn't even find what I was looking for anymore.

There's a ton of other stupid things I once did, but those are some.

When you were new to computer stuff Mreto12

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When you were new to computer stuff Empty Re: When you were new to computer stuff

Post by Nowhere Girl Wed Sep 18, 2013 3:22 pm

I don't remember many early stories about my contact with computers, but I always wonder if children who don't read yet would really be able to play these junior games. I learned to read before I even KNEW about computers. I started reading and writing at 5 (note that one starts school at 7 in Poland; this age is being gradually lowered to 6, but still parent groups protest it, saying schools are unprepared for the youngest children) and I first heard about computers at 7. This was still the communist period, so few people actually had computers... I first played a computer at 8 (a friend's Atari and a neighbour's Commodore) and got my first computer at 10.
One of the few slighly funny stories I remember: from the beginning the computer was planned to be used by the whole family, for me to play and for my parents to work and play some bridge or solitare (neither of them was ever into adventure games, they rather seemed to treat games with some disdain). The first one was put in my room and it was a mistake because in the evening my father was working, I couldn't sleep and sometimes my mum had to intervene and tell my father he had to stop and let me sleep (I now always say "father" and not "dad" because he died over 10 years ago... Actually, I only say "dad" when I'm in the cemetary and I tell my mum I want to visit dad last). So the computer was moved to my parents' room, which sometimes had the disadvantage that I couldn't play in the evening...

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When you were new to computer stuff Empty Re: When you were new to computer stuff

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