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My Brief History on How I Got Into Computers

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My Brief History on How I Got Into Computers Empty My Brief History on How I Got Into Computers

Post by CEO100able Fri Apr 26, 2013 10:39 pm

For those who are wondering when I started growing up with PC's, here's my history about how my life with computers started:

When I was little back in 1999, I used to have a Windows 95 PC (I can't remember what model it was), and it was a great operating system for me to use throughout the early 2000's. All I can remember is the awesome startup sound, but I don't remember hearing the shutdown sound at all, and it had a game where you have to help a white puppy find a bone (I can't remember the name of it). Three years later in 2002, I finally had a Windows XP PC, and it was an HP Pavilion 710 CTO. It had Windows XP Home Edition without a service pack on it. I had fun with the HP Tour Guide (the program that uses Victor as the main character and Microsoft Agent as the software engine), the Windows XP Tour and the classic WildTangent games, which are Speedway, SabreWing 2, and even more.

The PC was a good computer for me to use and I played the Junior Field Trips games, and even the demo versions of Pajama Sam 2, Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo, Putt-Putt Travels Through Time, Freddi Fish 1, etc. Two years later in 2004, the PC was going well, but later on it broke down for no reason, and when we were moving, we purchased an HP Pavilion a700n PC. It had Windows XP Home Edition SP2 on it, but it also included the HP Tour Guide (probably), and this time, it did not include the WT games my HP Pavilion 710 CTO had. Instead, it included Overball, Polar Golfer, Polar Bowler, Bounce Symphony, Super Granny, and many other WildTangent games. The PC was a good computer to use for years.

Five years later in 2009, I had my first laptop; a TOSHIBA NB205 with Windows XP Home Edition SP3 on it, and in the same year, I got my first Windows 7 PC for Christmas, which was an HP Pavilion p6230f with Windows 7 Home Premium on it. It was running faster and smoother than my Windows XP computers, and had some newer and modern WildTangent games to play. I used it a lot in the year 2010, along with my HP Pavilion a700n PC. Later on in late 2011, the PC with the model number "a700n" that has Windows XP on it was broken. The motherboard seemed to be dead for no reason at the time. I still have it sitting in my garage.

Last year, I got another Windows XP computer (which is a Dell) with the same service pack as on my HP Pavilion a700n PC, but the edition on it is Professional, not Home Edition, and also had purchased my Windows 7 laptop in June of the same year. A month later, I was thinking about having a PC with an OS earlier than XP again, so I had an HP Vectra VL PC with Windows 98 on it. The computers I have for now are still awesome and great to use. Don't forget, I also had another HP Pavilion PC from 2004, which looks a lot like my a700n PC, but it was my a618x PC because I was trying to figure out a way to fix the problems with running the classic WT games after ten years of playing them, and it's a great computer too. That covers the history of my life with computers.

Well, I hope you liked my history about my life with computers, and hope you enjoyed reading it.

Best regards,

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My Brief History on How I Got Into Computers Empty Re: My Brief History on How I Got Into Computers

Post by OdieFreddi Tue Jan 17, 2017 3:53 pm

Here's mine:
Our first computer was a Compaq computer (specifically, the SR1732IL). It was my brother, Garf’s computer, bought in 2006 (I forget which month and day, but, the 10th anniversary was celebrated last year). He played DROD (a puzzle game) and Re-Volt (an RC racing game) on that computer (after finding DROD:AE on a games collection CD) and also introduced those games to me. It had XP on it at that time. When I got a little bit older (2008) I took ownership of the computer and loved it a lot! From then onwards, I became interested in computers (and XP became my favorite Windows version). Freddi: Happy In 2008, Garf got his own computer, which came with Vista, which was then upgraded to 7 in 2009. When 7 and 8 were tried out on my computer, they ran slowly. I was forever on XP, but…

It was not forever a bed of roses (it used to be). I got my camera… but then, my computer became slow a lot, and my hard drive started to give out, making evil clicking noises… and my computer would restart unexpectedly a lot… One fateful day, the computer wouldn’t boot; it would just say ‘Please insert proper boot device’. DUN DUN DUN! Putt: Confused My mother took it to the repair shop and I was without it for a month, but then it was returned and all was well. Freddi: Happy I then played Spy-Fox 3 and Putt Putt Saves the Zoo (with the UpChuck easter egg on Freddi: Laughing Luther: BAHAHAHA!). (Then Garf heard of Linux and we decided to try it out, so Garf installed Linux Mint on it, and I used a virtual machine in VirtualBox for XP, while Garf dual-booted Linux Mint with Windows 8 on his computer). Then my computer's hard drive again became inaccessible, after fixing it, a few months later, it became inaccessible again!

In early 2016, we got a hp laptop, installed Arch Linux easily and Windows 7 after a lot of AMD drivers hassle (the installation program didn’t work, for one), and the laptop’s what I’m using now to type this post! Yay! Putt & Pep Now, Garf’s computer is a dual-boot of Windows 10 (buggy on his computer, good on mine) and Xubuntu, while mine is a three-boot of Windows 10, Windows 7 and Arch Linux XFCE. We also have an external hard drive (Seagate) for backup. I play my HE games on ScummVM. The End! Pep Normal

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My Brief History on How I Got Into Computers Empty Re: My Brief History on How I Got Into Computers

Post by Babass Fri Jan 20, 2017 2:17 pm

For now i hold 5 laptops:
-IBM ThinkPad 300, 80386 processor, 25MHz, 8Mb of RAM, 270Mb HDD, Putt-Putt Moon and Parade don't lags that much on that.., VGA, black and white monitor, Windows 95b (slo-o-o-w), from 1992
-Toshiba T2130CS, 486DX4-75, 16Mb RAM, Windows 95B, no sound card, 256 colors with color monitor, from 1996, and no soundcard...
-Compaq Armada 110S, Celeron 800MHz, 320Mb RAM, Windows 98 SE, from 2000 ?
-IBM ThinkPad 365X, Pentium 133MHz, 24Mb RAM, Windows 98 SE, dan't have the floppy drive... from 96-97
-Kenitec TS30A, 486DX4-100, 8Mb RAM, windows 95b, black and white monitor, 32 bits color!, dead soundcard...
I also have a Socket 7 motherboard, a SuperSocket 7 one, several socket 370 ones, few Pentium IV...

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My Brief History on How I Got Into Computers Empty Re: My Brief History on How I Got Into Computers

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