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Post by MrEightThreeOne Tue Oct 11, 2011 6:36 pm

Yo, what's up? I see you found my forum. I decided to give this thing a try to see how it would turn out. I am not entirely sure what will happen with this, but I'll touch this thing up in the future. Right now, I'm getting down to the basics. First things first, I'm making the rules to this forum.

This kind of stuff is illegal, and I risk getting this forum shut down if I allow this kind of stuff. Any questions on where to download these games = automatic warning. Anyone sharing this kind of content = instant temporary ban. If you want the games on the computer, check eBay or Amazon. They go fairly cheap these days. You can also get some of them in the App Store. No, I don't care if your media is damaged. No, the age of the game does not justify it.

Don't be stupid.
Don't spam, don't troll, don't post adult stuff, don't flame people, you get the idea. That's basically what "don't be stupid" amounts to.

Even if you were never into the Junior Adventures, go ahead and join!
This forum is for HE fans all over the place. You could have owned one of the games in your whole life, and it may have been Big Thinkers. You don't have to be a fan of the Junior Adventures just to be a member of the forum. If you only grew up on the Backyard Sports, go ahead and join! Not exactly a "rule", just a pointer.

No more than one account.
One account for the forum is enough. You shouldn't have reason to make more.

Don't excessively swear.
I will allow some mild swearing, but please resist the urge to drop the f-bomb with some random s-bombs in between. You hinder getting your point across.

Do not use the quote button when you reply to a post directly above you.
There's no point in making the reader read the same post twice. Plus, when two people are conversing and they keep doing this, it just begins to clutter the page. Only use it if you are replying to someone a few posts up.

If you're going to reply, reply with something relevant or something that actually adds to the discussion.
Don't reply just to make a reply. If you have nothing to add, don't say anything. If what you're saying is irrelevant to the discussion, don't bother posting either.

No excessively sized signatures.
If you make your signatures too huge, they become a distraction and make a thread more unreadable. I will likely remove your signature if it's too big. A general rule of thumb on most forums is that 250px in height is enough.

There you go. General rules. If you want a general rule for everything, just give common courtesy and you'll be perfectly fine.

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