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The Animal Shelf

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The Animal Shelf Empty The Animal Shelf

Post by Pizzaking27 Tue Jun 19, 2012 1:31 pm

The Animal Shelf Animal_shelf_Gumpa_solves_a_jigsaw_puzzle

Animal Shelf is a children's model animation series that airs on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) in Australia, and Kidzone on TVNZ 6 in New Zealand. It used to air on Playhouse Disney (UK & Ireland), now on CITV (Children's ITV) there. The concept for the program was initially taken from the book series written and illustrated by British writer Ivy Wallace. In the UK, it was released on videos in 1997-1999 from Walt Disney Home Video and in early 2000s by Carlton Home Entertainment and Video Collection International. Animal Shelf is aimed at a pre-school audience.

Did anyone else out there watch this show as a kid? I used to and watched a videotape of it today, and I thought I might open up discussion about the cartoon here!

A few interesting facts:
The Animal Shelf was created by Julia and Chris Allen of Cosgrove Hall films, the creators of Noddy's Toyland Adventures, which is very, very, VERY similar to this cartoon. (with one of the only differences being the characters in Shelf moving their mouths when they talk, and Noddy using stickered mouths to express their emotions)
(For GeorgeQGreg) The series was dubbed in French, German, Spanish, American (surprisingly!), Brazillian, and (possibly) even Japanese!
The effects used for Splash Stream, the lake, look a lot like drawing\2D\Western animation. Additionally, even though they do exist on the show, we never actually get to see humans onscreen, including Timothy, though the petshop clerk's, Mr. Trig's, body can be seen. To add salt to the wound, the rest of the humans' shadows are seen using live action actors and special effects.

Also, in case anyone's curious, my favourite episode is Gumpa's Paintbox.

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The Animal Shelf Empty Re: The Animal Shelf

Post by pezhead53 Tue Jun 19, 2012 11:32 pm

Never heard of it, but anything with a fez-wearing monkey is cool in my book.

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