16-Bit Support for newer titles?

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16-Bit Support for newer titles?

Post by Rudesysop on Mon Jul 24, 2017 10:28 pm

Bit of a long-shot question here, but I saw the thread regarding renaming the *.W32 files to work as 32-Bit executables, so I'm looking if anyone has a solution to the following;

Has anyone found a way to run some of the newer HE games (in this case Spy Fox 2) in let's say, Windows 3.1?
Just by looking at the evolution of the games, it doesn't "appear" to feature any new major leaps in the engine tech.
Obviously with Spy Fox 2, the 32-bit EXE is a no-go on a 16-bit OS.

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Re: 16-Bit Support for newer titles?

Post by SomeRandomHEFan on Wed Jul 26, 2017 1:16 pm

I thought 32-bit support was an optional add-on for Windows 3.1. Unless I'm mistaken, all HE games that support it only ship with a 16-bit launcher that checks if 32-bit support is present and offers to install it if it's not.

The main executables have already been 32-bit since the first Freddi Fish, which is why most of them still work on modern systems.

Did you ever run a supported HE game under Windows 3.1?


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