Info on ScummVM's Debugger

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Info on ScummVM's Debugger

Post by MrEightThreeOne on Wed Oct 12, 2011 6:49 pm

Before we get into this, I want to clear one thing up: USE THE DEBUGGER AT YOUR OWN RISK. You are using a tool made for game developers, and not average users. You have the potential to screw the game up beyond repair using it. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE YOU DO TO YOUR GAME. I don't want you coming up crying to me about your broken game due to your clumsiness with the debugger. It's a cool feature and all, but try not to go too far. With that out of the way...

The ScummVM debugger is an interesting tool. You can really change your game using it, doing things that were never meant to be done. To bring up the Debug Console in ScummVM, press Ctrl+D. Here are a list of commands I found off the ScummVM site:


continue, exit, quit = EXIT
restart = RESTART
        <actornum> <command> <parameter>
        Use actornum=1000 to get number of actors
                COMMAND values:
                "animvar" ???
                "anim" ???
                "ignoreboxes" Allow walking anywhere
                "x" Set position
                "y" Set position
                "_elevation" Set position
                "costume" Set actor graphic appearance (use 'costume 1000' to get number of available costumes)
                "name" Show actor name
                "condmask" ???
actors  Display actors data

box    Display "walk-boxes" in text and graphical format.

matrix  Display walk-matrix ???

camera    Show camera position in format  "cur (%d,%d) - dest (%d,%d) - accel (%d,%d) -- last (%d,%d)"

  no parameter = show room
  <number> = go to %"number" room
objects Display objects in current room

object  <objectnum> <command> <parameter>
  COMMAND values:
"pickup" BUG?
00497        if (argc == 3)
00498            _vm->addObjectToInventory(obj, _vm->_currentRoom);
00499        else
00500            _vm->addObjectToInventory(obj, atoi(argv[3]));

  "kill" <number> | "stop" <number>
  "run" <number> | "start" <number>
scr    ???

scripts  Display script data
        <restype> <filename> <resnum>
drafts Command only works with Loom/LoomCD

loadgame <slotnum>

savegame <slotnum>

level Set/Display debug level

debug Set/display debug channels (???)


show ???
  "sta" (for STACK dumping)
hide ???
  "sta" (for STACK dumping)
  "panic" - Stop all music tracks
  "play" <number|"random">
  "stop" <number|"all">

So, as you can see, there's quite a few things, but I'll explain the things you'll probably end up using most.
Actors are almost always assigned to the characters. If you do "actors", you can see a list of all the actors currently on the screen. You can change their graphical appearance by typing "actor (#) costume (#)". This can yield crazy things, like being able to control another character. It works best in the classics and arcades, since the characters are more free roaming.
The "room" command can let you go to any room you want to. Every screen is a different room. Typing "room (#)" will teleport you to that room. This can allow to move freely as you choose, going to rooms you shouldn't be in. You may even end up on one of the developers' debugging rooms!
Finally, you can use "script" to run any of the scripts in-game. These trigger special events, like ending scenes. "Script (#) run" executes a script, while the "stop" command stops a running script.

These are the ones I know how to use. Feel free to reply about more stuff.

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Re: Info on ScummVM's Debugger

Post by Retrodude on Sat Oct 15, 2011 5:19 pm

For extra fun, try switching different characters in the room by exchanging their costumes. Best thing I've ever done is making Fatty Bear skateboard everywhere by changing him to I think actor 2 or 3. It's epic!

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Re: Info on ScummVM's Debugger

Post by LittleToonCat on Mon Oct 17, 2011 6:36 am

If you want to see the fun for yourself, Watch the video I recorded.


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Re: Info on ScummVM's Debugger

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