Warning: BMP compression variant 0 not supported!!!

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Warning: BMP compression variant 0 not supported!!!

Post by Windows TV on Mon Mar 10, 2014 7:51 pm

Ever got this error message "Warning: BMP compression variant 0 not supported!!!"? Probably not but i'm going to go over it just in case.

Error Description - This is an Internal Error (Internal Warning) Which indicates that the error in the message box happens in the .(A) or .HE1 or .hea or .obb, This specific error is an Image error, any type of ROOM Image or AWIZ (rarely AKOS), this is jus an image compressed incorrectly.

Reasons of error.
1. Game's .(A) or .HE1 or .hea or .obb file may have gotten corrupted.
2. Game's .(A) or .HE1 or .hea or .obb May have been sold like this (which will never happen)
3. Game was edited incorrectly by a third party user.

1. Buy a new copy of your game.
2. Download your game off the web and discard any unneeded files.
3. Don't worry about it.
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