How to extract sound effects

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How to extract sound effects Empty How to extract sound effects

Post by MrEightThreeOne on Sun Mar 24, 2013 9:07 pm


So, for those who don't know, the sound effects are stored in the .HE1 file, but it cannot be imported into Audacity without nothing but static. This is because it also includes many other things, such as room images, room headers, objects, actors, actor costumes, basically everything visual. This makes extracting sound effects a pain and a half, but it can be done. Here's what you need to do:

1. Get Audacity and ScummEX.
2. Open the game up in ScummVM, and go to the room where the sound effect you are looking for is. Open the debugger and type "room" and note the room number.
3. Open the HE1 file in ScummEX. Go through all the LFLF files, and match the room number minus one with the LFLF "number" noted to the side (so, if your room number is 28, look for LFLF 27). I have seen a few games that don't follow this rule though, so don't expect it to work all the time.
4. Expand the LFLF you want, and look for "SOUN" or "DIGI". Expand these as well.
5. If possible, select the "SDAT" file. If that file is not there, select the "DIGI" file.
6. File dump it.
7. Go to Audacity, and use "Import -> Raw Data" on the file you dumped. On the window that comes up, if it hasn't already been done change it to "No endianness" and "Unsigned 8-bit PCM". You will always have to change it to 11025 Hz.
8. The sound should be imported. From here you may export it to anything you want.
9. ???

Just a little pointer, if you're looking for music that was put on the sound channel, the file size is typically what you want to go by as it will typically be disproportionately huge compared to the rest.
If there are any programmers out there who know an easy way to extract this, help would be greatly appreciated.

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How to extract sound effects Mreto12

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How to extract sound effects Empty Re: How to extract sound effects

Post by Onfy on Mon Mar 25, 2013 11:05 am

I believe the HE1 is XOR-encrypted with a "magic number." That mean anything?

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